Mask Conveyor

pharmaceuticals industry

Daily Necessities Delivery Linemask Delivery Line

CSTRANS provides intelligent delivery solutions for the mask production line. From production, delivery and storage, CSTRANS offers the perfect delivery solution for the mask manufacturing industry.

In addition, the excellent reliability and accuracy of CSTRANS products help customers reduce operating costs, improve productivity significantly and achieve rapid business development.

In addition to conforming to the consistent industry standards , CSTRANS is placing greater emphasis on high production volume, global availability and low maintenance, CSTRANS conveyor solutions help mask manufacturers increase their competitiveness in the global market.

CSTRANS has a research and development team of dozens of people, according to the needs of different industries, tailor-made molds to meet the equipment needs of different industries, improve production and quality constantly. Also provide customers with more intimate and accurate style of module (mesh) belts, flat top chains, conveyor accessories customization services, etc. For details, welcome call for consultation.